Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mav Viola

I would have to say that my favorite artist from the CMI would be Mav Viola. When we decided to have our listening party, I was unfamiliar with almost all of the artists that we were showcasing. They are were obviously up-and-coming so have recognition of them was pretty rare. When we came to Mav's songs, I was very impressed. Her voice reminded me of a mix between a Sarah McLachlan and K.T. Tunstall, but her music is really retro, kinda a mixture of pop and jazz. I love love love the use of the piano and drums in each song, and the lyrics are catchy and work well with the tunes. Some of my favorites have to be "The King Has Fallen" and "Breathless." I think the reason that I really enjoy her music is because I love powerful female artists with strong, slightly-off vocals. Her voice kind of reminds me of a 1930s jazz or blues singer and definitely delivers. I really hope that her music makes its to the radio because I would love to here it and believe that she could get a great fan base obviously doing local venues and gigs. I hope that the CMI will launch her career and grab followers along the way! Good luck Mav!!

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