Tuesday, October 28, 2008

dad's weekend sounds like its going to be so mucn fun! my dad is in south carolina, so he wont be coming for the celebration. Karly! i remember when all u guys dressed up as joyce! that was so funny. so its on friday and i still dont have a costume and have no idea what to be!

any good concerts coming up? one republic was at assembly hall yesterday! i bet that was pretty sweet.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween..No thanks

Funny you love Halloween Axie...haha I actually think Halloween is my all time least favorite holiday. I think its because I had a traumatic experience as a kid while trick-or-treating...I was scared out of my mind by our neighbor who was dressed up like a dummy and was sitting on their front porch. When I went to the door with all of my little friends, he came alive and chased us down the street. That did it for me to no longer enjoy the holiday. Hahah now I think it's funny obviously, but for a few years Halloween was a rough time for me! Sooo I don't for see myself dressing up this year. If anything I will be something easy to put together that doesn't require any thought process or $$$! Last year well all dressed up like one of our friends because she had to work...so we bombarded the bar in wigs and her clothes haha, I'm not sure she appreciated it too much!

This year Halloween is on a Friday, and at U of I it is also Dad's Weekend. My dad is driving down Friday afternoon so he will be here for the weekend, so I don't think I will be doing any dressing up while he is here. Some of my roomies want to do father, daughter costumes! haha I think it is funny, but there is NO WAY my dad would ever dress up. I just really can't picture him thinking that was cool. He is one of those Dad's that is too cool for school...he will stick to his U of I gear all weekend. For some reason he thinks when he visits that is all he can wear! Maybe this year I can talk him out of the same U of I polo and get him into a normal shirt for a change! Love my dad, but you know how they can be...stuck in their old ways.

Monday, October 20, 2008


what's everyone being for halloween?!?! i cant believe its next weekend! and im so excited because its actually on a weekend this year! i might go up to madison, wisconsin for friday because one of my best girlfriends goes there and i have gone up to madison for the past 3 halloweens! i need costume ideas though asap!

i think i can say halloween is my favorite holiday. i love haunted houses and scary movies. i just saw quarantine last night... soooo creepy.

also, how creepy was that email from the chancellor about green street on halloween!! im staying away from there for sure.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey Illini Fans

Hey there Illini Fans...for those of you who do not know, yesterday was Homecoming at U of I and I am proud to say it was my 1st football game of the year! I stuck it out until the very end of the game when we unfortunately failed to beat Minnesota Gophers? haha I think that is a pretty funny mascot. Anywho, as a senior, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that this was my 1st, and I suppose last Homecoming football game :( And although I did have a pretty good time, for some reason homecoming at U of I is nothing compared to some of the other schools. If any of you have ever visited another college campus during their homecoming then you know that Mizzou fans are nuts! They have crazy tailgates, everyone gets decked out spirit wise, and practically the entire campus is in attendance. Indiana fans are insane, they drink all day and still make it out to cheer on the Hoosiers..Iowa is probably even crazier, you are definitely bound to have a good time there. Maybe it's just me, but Homecoming is not really talked up here at U of I...Sure a lot of alumni and townies come around for the event, but the current student body is pretty absent when it comes to school spirit and events like Homecoming. I was all about school spirit and going all out at high school football games, but coming to U of I, that side of me sort of faded. To bring that hidden spirit back, I bought season football tickets this year. Even though I'm not the biggest football fan, and I pretty much don't really know the rules, I had one heck of a time Saturday at the game and I encourage everyone to go to at LEAST ONE before you graduate! Another home game this Saturday ( Vs. Indiana) I will be in attendance yet again and I for see another terrific time! ILL-INI!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

home sweet home

never in a million years did i ever expect to be homesick. i was that girl who wanted to get the hell out of my little town to escape the constant careful monitoring of my parents. well now i'm on my own and have no parents keeping watch over me, and, as much as i hate to say it, i miss it. i love it here, don't get me wrong. everydays a new adventure, it's crazy and exhilarating. but it lacks something that home, the often criticized "dale," has plenty of: people that know me and love me unconditionally, including my parents and my friends (more like my second family). this weekend will be my big return home to see my fab five, my girls for life. too my surprising disappointment, my parents won't be home as they have found it more fun to explore all the temptations vegas has to offer.  even though the once presumed evil-duo won't be there, i still have family waiting with open arms for me: my best friends. for the weekend, im giving up the college party scene to spend some much needed time with the people that make me happiest in life. so for now its back to the dale for some old school catching up. see you at monday night joe's.

Monday, October 6, 2008

too bad so sad, cubs lose!

Emily thats such a funny story... and i completely agree. i went over to a friends house for dinner and forgot my phone and i was freaking out even for a couple of hours. our generation is so tech savvy though that i dont know where we would be without smartphones or internet!

go illinois! great game on saturdayy!!!! too bad my night was ruined with the cubs losing! i guess theres always next year, and even though im a cubs fan at heart i will still cheer for the sox too.

anyone going to Lucky Boys Confusion at Canopy club this week!?!? i really want to go but i havent bought tix yet. they are from naperville so im sure a lot of people at illinois went to school with them... so cool.

my first blog ever

So I've never blogged before, but I'm excited to start. I guess it's kinda like a diary online; a way to say what's on your mind except unlike a diary, anyone can read it. Why not say what's on your mind cause most likely there's someone out there that is thinking the same thing. If not, that's okay too...

Bad news: I lost my phone this weekend, the "brick" as everyone calls it (and im known for having the brick with me at allllll times). I'll admit it's huge for a phone (its a sidekick) but I love it, and the obnoxious orange Illinois sticker on the back as well. The "brick" fell out of my pocket this weekend while I was dancing (not well) at this thing called barndance that we do here in Champaign. This story is going somewhere I promise. Good news is I found my phone, the Deejay picked it up off the dancefloor, or I guess rather the barn floor. What I learned during the 10 hours that I didn't have my phone is how pathetic I am. Those were the 10 longest and hardest hours I've had in a while, all because I couldn't text or call my friends. Considering I live in the same building as many of them, isn't that slightly sad?? I think I realized that maybe I should put the brick done some more and engage in a little more face to face communication from time to time. I'll admit it was pretty peaceful not hearing soulja boy or lupe fiasco blare from my phone every few minutes, so there was the upside. I felt legit naked without my phone, which really said something. i need to stop living through technology and start realizing that spending time with people when 100% of my attention is devoted to them is a nice breath of fresh air. 

After a drive into the country to get my phone back, I decided that i'd cut back on unnecessary usage of my beloved cell. maybe it's something we should all try. for now, its fewer texts and more face to face sessions. another plus, my parents will be happy about a cheaper phone bill.

i guess you can kill two birds with one stone.