Monday, October 6, 2008

my first blog ever

So I've never blogged before, but I'm excited to start. I guess it's kinda like a diary online; a way to say what's on your mind except unlike a diary, anyone can read it. Why not say what's on your mind cause most likely there's someone out there that is thinking the same thing. If not, that's okay too...

Bad news: I lost my phone this weekend, the "brick" as everyone calls it (and im known for having the brick with me at allllll times). I'll admit it's huge for a phone (its a sidekick) but I love it, and the obnoxious orange Illinois sticker on the back as well. The "brick" fell out of my pocket this weekend while I was dancing (not well) at this thing called barndance that we do here in Champaign. This story is going somewhere I promise. Good news is I found my phone, the Deejay picked it up off the dancefloor, or I guess rather the barn floor. What I learned during the 10 hours that I didn't have my phone is how pathetic I am. Those were the 10 longest and hardest hours I've had in a while, all because I couldn't text or call my friends. Considering I live in the same building as many of them, isn't that slightly sad?? I think I realized that maybe I should put the brick done some more and engage in a little more face to face communication from time to time. I'll admit it was pretty peaceful not hearing soulja boy or lupe fiasco blare from my phone every few minutes, so there was the upside. I felt legit naked without my phone, which really said something. i need to stop living through technology and start realizing that spending time with people when 100% of my attention is devoted to them is a nice breath of fresh air. 

After a drive into the country to get my phone back, I decided that i'd cut back on unnecessary usage of my beloved cell. maybe it's something we should all try. for now, its fewer texts and more face to face sessions. another plus, my parents will be happy about a cheaper phone bill.

i guess you can kill two birds with one stone.

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