Saturday, February 28, 2009

Light FM!!

The band that I would definitely have to select out of the many playing at the SXSW Music Festival is Light FM. They are a rock band from Los Angeles, California. I recognized one of their songs from an episode of Gossip Girl a couple weeks ago called “Black Magic Marker” and absolutely loved it! This indie band is exactly the type of music that I love listening to and although I was unfamiliar with most of their music, the songs I did know I loved. They have been influenced by some of the “classics” in music, including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and even ABBA! They also mentioned that the Postal Service has made an impact on their music, and to tell you the truth, some of their music definitely reflects Postal. I chose to go on their MySpace page and download a couple of their other songs just to get a taste of their music. Some of the other songs that I would suggest are “Sleepy Hollow” and “16 Below.” Most of Light FM’s music is a mixture between alternative, indie, and pop, so if anyone is interested, I would highly recommend visiting their page and downloading some of their tunes. If anyone had tuned into Fox’s new series, Dollhouse yesterday, Feb 27, they also showcased one of their songs on the show. This is a band that I am adding to my large iTunes selection!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my dream show line up


mid-The Beatles
headliner-Elvis Presley


mid-Kanye West
headliner-Lil Wayne


opener-Billie Holiday
mid-Miles Davis
headliner-John Coltrane


opener-Kenny Chesney
mid-Rascall Flatts
headliner-Tim McGraw/Faith Hill


Unofficial is only two weeks away! can you believe it? do you guys have any plans? i just ordered my green tshirt for that day. a lot of my friends are coming to visit from home so im sure it will be very crowded in my apartment! im so sad that this is my last official unofficial. i hope that the cops arent too out of control though... because they have been in the past. i heart st. patties day! : )

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dream Show Line Up

This is a little lengthy-- so bear with me:

Opener: Better Than Ezra
Mid: Jason Mraz
Headliner: Bruce Springsteen

This was one of the easiest genres to choose music from for me. I am a huge classic rock and modern rock fan. One of my favorite musicians of all times is the Boss and I have been waiting to see him in concert since I was a freshman in High School! I definitely had to put him as the headliner, knowing that he always puts on an awesome show with energy and excitement. The ‘Mid’ musician is Jason Mraz. I selected Jason because he is also one of my favorite musicians and I have been to two of his concerts, as well as owning every CD. He’s the perfect fit to rock it out before Bruce. Better Than Ezra, although I have seen them as the Headliners at the House of Blues in Chicago, would definitely do an awesome job at opening up the show. I saw them two years ago and they have yet to be back in Chicago performing, so their involvement is definitely required!

Hip Hop:

Opener: Rihanna
Mid: Jay-Z
Headliner: Missy Elliot

Missy is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Although she was on top of her game in the early millennium, I still catch myself flipping on her tunes while working out or dancing. I absolutely love her and want her headlining my show because I know she’ll get the party started! We all know that a rap concert is not complete without the king himself, Jay-Z. He is such a respected artist in the industry and his hip-hop music is perfection. He would be the perfect person to introduce Missy and possibly a duet? Even though Rihanna is going through a bit of controversy at the moment, she would make this hip-hop concert off the charts. She is such an amazing entertainer and I can’t think of a better addition!


Opener: Etta James
Mid: Bobby Darin
Headliner: Michael Buble

I am familiar with the older Jazz and Blues of older decades, but one of the newest members of this genre includes Michael Buble. Although he does a lot of covers for many of the older popular jazz songs, he does have many of his own and his voice is to die for. Bobby Darin would be a wonderful singer to perform before Buble. After I saw the movie based on his life, Beyond the Sea, I downloaded almost every song he has ever written. The smooth and catchy tunes are fun to both sing and dance to. Etta James is an all-time classic and opening up the show with her incredible voice would be an honor. She still performs and can still bust out her older hits and would be a wonderful addition to this show.


Opener: The Ting Tings
Mid: Lady Gaga
Headliner: B. Spears

I know I already talked about this in a previous post, but I had to add Britney to the mix. I haven’t seen her perform live in four years because she hasn’t been on tour! She would be the perfect headliner for my dream concert and I have no doubt that her show would be amazing! Lady Gaga will get the crowd prepared for Britney with her upbeat dance songs and moves. I really enjoy her corky personality and would love to see her perform live. The Ting Tings have turned into one of my new faves. I am absolutely obsessed with “That’s Not My Name” and can’t get enough of their CD. I think their opening performance would be a perfect fit to this high energy mix of artists!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Abusive rapper...guess who?

Not in a million years would I have guess that CHRIS BROWN is abusive!! Apparently he was charged with domestic battery against soon-to-be ex-girlfriend and singing sensation Rihanna. Chris Brown once released information that his mother's boyfriend was abusive towards her and he witnessed it firsthand and it scared him to death. You'd think if he saw it with his own eyes and how disgusting it is, he would vow to never be the same way as his mom's boyfriend....guess things don't always work out in a sensible way. Apparently, Rihanna is heading back home to escape the drama and the legal happenings that go along with it. A good escape is what she needs to clear her head from the damage that Chris Brown brought upon her. Chris Brown just seemed like such a gentleman, a really decent guy...such a shock that he would do something like this. Stay strong's not you it's him. As for you Chris Brown... I hoped you learned your lesson! Anger management...I hear it does wonders;-)

Monday, February 2, 2009


The half-time show last night was the best half-time show the NFL Superbowl has had in a while! I think it was quite apparent to everyone watching that Bruce still has it going on! I have been such a fan of him since I was little and would listen to him music with my dad, and I have to say, his performance last night was nothing short of amazing. Did anyone see him slide across the stage into the camera, or flip his guitar around his back a million times in a row? Genius. I haven't seen an older band rock out that hard since Aerosmith a few years back! I had a bet going with my boyfriend on what 3 songs he would play, but unfortunately, I only got Glory Days right. Guess I have to pay up the $5 I now owe him. I also enjoyed how he incorporated football into some of the songs and you could tell that he and the E-Street Band were having the time of their lives. It's awesome to see performers that have been making music for years and can still put on a great show. I really wanted to get tickets to his concert in May, but because of last night's performance, they sold out in 3 minutes this morning. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that he opens another one up! On a side note, I heard that Jennifer Hudson lip-synced. I still have to give her huge props for being able to get up there and perform. Faith Hill, on the other hand, rocked it as well! Thumbs up to every performer last night!!!!