Monday, February 2, 2009


The half-time show last night was the best half-time show the NFL Superbowl has had in a while! I think it was quite apparent to everyone watching that Bruce still has it going on! I have been such a fan of him since I was little and would listen to him music with my dad, and I have to say, his performance last night was nothing short of amazing. Did anyone see him slide across the stage into the camera, or flip his guitar around his back a million times in a row? Genius. I haven't seen an older band rock out that hard since Aerosmith a few years back! I had a bet going with my boyfriend on what 3 songs he would play, but unfortunately, I only got Glory Days right. Guess I have to pay up the $5 I now owe him. I also enjoyed how he incorporated football into some of the songs and you could tell that he and the E-Street Band were having the time of their lives. It's awesome to see performers that have been making music for years and can still put on a great show. I really wanted to get tickets to his concert in May, but because of last night's performance, they sold out in 3 minutes this morning. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that he opens another one up! On a side note, I heard that Jennifer Hudson lip-synced. I still have to give her huge props for being able to get up there and perform. Faith Hill, on the other hand, rocked it as well! Thumbs up to every performer last night!!!!

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