Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dream Show Line Up

This is a little lengthy-- so bear with me:

Opener: Better Than Ezra
Mid: Jason Mraz
Headliner: Bruce Springsteen

This was one of the easiest genres to choose music from for me. I am a huge classic rock and modern rock fan. One of my favorite musicians of all times is the Boss and I have been waiting to see him in concert since I was a freshman in High School! I definitely had to put him as the headliner, knowing that he always puts on an awesome show with energy and excitement. The ‘Mid’ musician is Jason Mraz. I selected Jason because he is also one of my favorite musicians and I have been to two of his concerts, as well as owning every CD. He’s the perfect fit to rock it out before Bruce. Better Than Ezra, although I have seen them as the Headliners at the House of Blues in Chicago, would definitely do an awesome job at opening up the show. I saw them two years ago and they have yet to be back in Chicago performing, so their involvement is definitely required!

Hip Hop:

Opener: Rihanna
Mid: Jay-Z
Headliner: Missy Elliot

Missy is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Although she was on top of her game in the early millennium, I still catch myself flipping on her tunes while working out or dancing. I absolutely love her and want her headlining my show because I know she’ll get the party started! We all know that a rap concert is not complete without the king himself, Jay-Z. He is such a respected artist in the industry and his hip-hop music is perfection. He would be the perfect person to introduce Missy and possibly a duet? Even though Rihanna is going through a bit of controversy at the moment, she would make this hip-hop concert off the charts. She is such an amazing entertainer and I can’t think of a better addition!


Opener: Etta James
Mid: Bobby Darin
Headliner: Michael Buble

I am familiar with the older Jazz and Blues of older decades, but one of the newest members of this genre includes Michael Buble. Although he does a lot of covers for many of the older popular jazz songs, he does have many of his own and his voice is to die for. Bobby Darin would be a wonderful singer to perform before Buble. After I saw the movie based on his life, Beyond the Sea, I downloaded almost every song he has ever written. The smooth and catchy tunes are fun to both sing and dance to. Etta James is an all-time classic and opening up the show with her incredible voice would be an honor. She still performs and can still bust out her older hits and would be a wonderful addition to this show.


Opener: The Ting Tings
Mid: Lady Gaga
Headliner: B. Spears

I know I already talked about this in a previous post, but I had to add Britney to the mix. I haven’t seen her perform live in four years because she hasn’t been on tour! She would be the perfect headliner for my dream concert and I have no doubt that her show would be amazing! Lady Gaga will get the crowd prepared for Britney with her upbeat dance songs and moves. I really enjoy her corky personality and would love to see her perform live. The Ting Tings have turned into one of my new faves. I am absolutely obsessed with “That’s Not My Name” and can’t get enough of their CD. I think their opening performance would be a perfect fit to this high energy mix of artists!

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