Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Abusive rapper...guess who?

Not in a million years would I have guess that CHRIS BROWN is abusive!! Apparently he was charged with domestic battery against soon-to-be ex-girlfriend and singing sensation Rihanna. Chris Brown once released information that his mother's boyfriend was abusive towards her and he witnessed it firsthand and it scared him to death. You'd think if he saw it with his own eyes and how disgusting it is, he would vow to never be the same way as his mom's boyfriend....guess things don't always work out in a sensible way. Apparently, Rihanna is heading back home to escape the drama and the legal happenings that go along with it. A good escape is what she needs to clear her head from the damage that Chris Brown brought upon her. Chris Brown just seemed like such a gentleman, a really decent guy...such a shock that he would do something like this. Stay strong Rihanna...it's not you it's him. As for you Chris Brown... I hoped you learned your lesson! Anger management...I hear it does wonders;-)

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