Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween..No thanks

Funny you love Halloween Axie...haha I actually think Halloween is my all time least favorite holiday. I think its because I had a traumatic experience as a kid while trick-or-treating...I was scared out of my mind by our neighbor who was dressed up like a dummy and was sitting on their front porch. When I went to the door with all of my little friends, he came alive and chased us down the street. That did it for me to no longer enjoy the holiday. Hahah now I think it's funny obviously, but for a few years Halloween was a rough time for me! Sooo I don't for see myself dressing up this year. If anything I will be something easy to put together that doesn't require any thought process or $$$! Last year well all dressed up like one of our friends because she had to work...so we bombarded the bar in wigs and her clothes haha, I'm not sure she appreciated it too much!

This year Halloween is on a Friday, and at U of I it is also Dad's Weekend. My dad is driving down Friday afternoon so he will be here for the weekend, so I don't think I will be doing any dressing up while he is here. Some of my roomies want to do father, daughter costumes! haha I think it is funny, but there is NO WAY my dad would ever dress up. I just really can't picture him thinking that was cool. He is one of those Dad's that is too cool for school...he will stick to his U of I gear all weekend. For some reason he thinks when he visits that is all he can wear! Maybe this year I can talk him out of the same U of I polo and get him into a normal shirt for a change! Love my dad, but you know how they can be...stuck in their old ways.

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