Tuesday, October 7, 2008

home sweet home

never in a million years did i ever expect to be homesick. i was that girl who wanted to get the hell out of my little town to escape the constant careful monitoring of my parents. well now i'm on my own and have no parents keeping watch over me, and, as much as i hate to say it, i miss it. i love it here, don't get me wrong. everydays a new adventure, it's crazy and exhilarating. but it lacks something that home, the often criticized "dale," has plenty of: people that know me and love me unconditionally, including my parents and my friends (more like my second family). this weekend will be my big return home to see my fab five, my girls for life. too my surprising disappointment, my parents won't be home as they have found it more fun to explore all the temptations vegas has to offer.  even though the once presumed evil-duo won't be there, i still have family waiting with open arms for me: my best friends. for the weekend, im giving up the college party scene to spend some much needed time with the people that make me happiest in life. so for now its back to the dale for some old school catching up. see you at monday night joe's.

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Morgan Byrne said...

emmy! who ever knew we'd miss home as much as we do?!?! like camille said weve made such strong connections and friendships that are just irreplacable. if ted turner and your mom arent there your more than welcome to stay with me!!! but i cant wait to see you tomorrow my love! yay!!!!