Wednesday, March 4, 2009


wow i did not realize how many bands play at this event! the list was so long! one of my favorite bands that i ran into was Little Black Dress. They are a rock band from Dallas, TX. I liked how they sounded different, Im so sick of hearing band after band that sound exactly like Fall Out Boy. The band features Toby Pipes and Nolan Thies. Their debut album is coming out this year, even though the band formed in 2005. Their influences include the conteau twins, swerevdriver, my bloody valentine, the cure, depeche mode, jesus and mary chain, the smiths, new order, david bowie, talk talk, and more. They are currently signed to an Indie record label called Exploding Plastic/Idol Records. I am really looking forward to listening to more of their music. I wonder how they thought of the name Little Black Dress??

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